To My Clients, The Bravest People I Know.

To My Clients,

Today’s post is for you, to thank you. 

You are the bravest people I know.

You, my client, have lost someone you love.  And still, you are willing to sit in the quiet of a room with me, and with grief. 

You, who got out of bed today.  I know that was a battle.  We honor the sadness and gently unhook from the thoughts.

You, who feels sky-high waves of anxiety.  So we practice self-compassion.  You breathe with me and I am in awe of your strength. 

You, who is scared of losing her.  You look at each other.  It’s the bravest thing we can do.  To look. 

You feel so very raw today.  And yet, you opened this door.  You got here.  So we drink hot tea together and yes, it’s okay to cry. 

With love and gratitude,


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