Listening to Your Body.  A Three-Minute Exercise.


Dear Ones,

It's the day after another trauma.  You’ve been watching the news and scrolling through your phone.  Reading posts about victims, fear, guns, hurricanes, motives.  You keep scrolling – you want answers, of course – and yet, your body asks for something softer.

The body holds pain that we try to push away.  We do it every day.  Sometimes, all day long. 

For the next three minutes, let’s listen to your body.

Take a seat on the floor.  Put a pillow or blanket beneath you. 

Take your hand.  Press it to your chest.  Feel the warmth of your body.

Begin to breathe.  This is where your heart lives.  

What do you feel?  Maybe a tightness.  A sharp pain.  A dull aching.  A numbness. 

When you locate it -- and trust that you will know when -- stay here a moment longer.

Keep filling your belly with air, with space.  

On your in-breath, “I allow.”

On your out breath, “I am not alone.” 


Repeat until you sense your heartbeat slow.  Until you feel your chest release, even a tiny opening. 

If you feel emotions rise up, know you are okay.  In this moment, somewhere, someone’s breath is synced with yours. 

With love,