To the Person Who Isn’t Feeling Festive.


Hi. It’s Jenny. 

I heard you weren’t feeling very celebratory this season.

I heard you were feeling pretty down.  Especially when well-intentioned people say, “Look at all those twinkling lights!  Look at the holiday gatherings and the cheer!” 

It’s okay that you want to look away.  It’s okay that you feel sad or disappointed or scared. 

Maybe someone you love is ill.  Or someone you love is missing this year.  You have been feeling more fragile, more tender. 

And yes, there are people and things for which you are grateful, you might say.  I hear you, because it’s possible to feel many things all at once. 

So here's my Holiday Experiment for you:

If you happen to look at twinkling lights or old photos this week, also wrap yourself in a blanket or a favorite sweater. 

Allow the warmth to soothe you for 6 seconds. 

Right now, you are allowing yourself to feel more than one thing.  

(I’ll count to six with you now.) 

* * *

We are many things. 

We are complicated with gratitude and with grief.  With lights and with blankets.