Three Things You Can Do Right Now to Make a Beginning Easier.

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Hi loves,

It’s that time again.  The “Things Are Beginning Again" time.  We watch Summer collect its things and trail sand around the house.  Fall is pacing outside.    

A new school year. New job. New plans. Transitions. New feelings. Finding ways to say goodbye. 

You may have questions.

Will I feel safe (in this new place)?

Will I find people who care about me (in a real way)?

Will my new job/school/role provide me with a better life?

If you’re feeling a bit ungrounded today, let’s look at what we can do right now.

1.     Play that favorite song of yours. Full volume. Sing it or dance it. Move your body like an octopus. Or imagine you are an octopus. It’s okay to laugh.

2.    Write a real, pen-to-paper letter to yourself.  Take 10 minutes (or even five). What do you want YOU to know about feeling anxious, excited or hopeful right now? Sign the letter. Fold the paper in half, and then again. Stick the letter in the bottom of your purse or wallet. Let it surprise you when you find it a week or month or year later. 

3.     Call/ text / Skype someone who makes you feel anchored when floating. If that person hasn’t appeared in your life just yet, imagine what this person might say. Imagine her face.  “Everything will be okay,” she says, looking at you.  And she means it.

With love,


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