Finding your therapist.

Often people ask me this question:  What kind of therapist are you?


My mind starts thinking in lists—lists of skills.  My training and experience.  The kinds of clients I see. The technical stuff.   

These things are important.  And yet, for a moment, I’d like to turn off the list. 

Things become quieter, calmer. 

If I really listen to myself, I would rather answer this:  What do you believe in?

Because this—this question and this answer—is how you will ultimately find your therapist match.


So, Jennifer. 


What do you believe in?


I believe it’s always okay to ask for extra support. 

I believe we will hurt, sometimes in the most raw and vulnerable ways. I believe this pain will ease—even when it appears to have set up its home. 

I believe, very fiercely, that we heal. 

I believe in science and I believe in finding meaning that science cannot explain. 

I believe in the details of someone’s life and someone’s face. 

I believe feeling understood can give us bursts of strength.  And that these bursts can carry us through many, many things.

I believe in poetry and nature.  I believe people do the best they can.  I believe in grief, joy, fear and love.  That we can hold it all. 

That we can—and do—get better.


What do you believe in?

Leave me a message here or email me at  I’d like to know.