I get this question quite a bit.  No doubt, therapy is a commitment on many levels.  So why do we do it? 

Maybe you would like more support in your life and a space that's just for you.  You want change and growth but it's hard to name.

Maybe it's the constant hum in the background of wanting a fuller, more meaningful life.   

Maybe you feel sad or down or angry. 

Maybe you feel stuck and disconnected from your partner, your family or from yourself. 

Let's figure it out together.


Maybe you have a chronic illness or chronic pain.  Or you are caring for someone who experiences this.

You are exhausted and would like to feel understood.  I will sit with you.

I'll help you learn coping skills for pain and together, we will explore what a meaningful life looks like to you. 

Maybe you feel anxious and restless.  It's hard to take deep breaths.

There are things that scare you.  Maybe you feel alone. 

Let's figure out how to make life less overwhelming. 

Experiencing a chronic illness can be isolating and overwhelming.  I offer weekly 50-minute phone sessions for those who would like extra support and helpful tools.  

Sometimes leaving the house is not an option.  

I’d like for you to save that precious energy and hold onto it for what matters most.


Here are some things we might talk about during a session: 

Ways to tolerate uncertainty and sadness. 

Ways to honor who and what you value most—even with pain.

Ways to increase self-compassion on hard days.


Ways to connect with the people you love. 

Also: happy things, silly things or funny things you would like in your life.   

I'd love to hear from you.  




Or send me a message below.